Bobbi Boss Indiremi

bobbi-boss-indiremi You are about to experience with the purest, healthiest & most beautiful form of human hair ever offered to the market.

Indi Remi is an ambitious new line of premium remi hair collection that experts atbobbi-boss-indiremi

Total Hair proudly present with highest quality & most intricate craftsmanship. bobbi-boss-indiremi products are the emblem of pure luxury, and the essence of the most exclusive taste.

Feel the divine difference Wash after Wash. -The Most Beautiful Form of Human Hair Premium remi hair with healthy & living cuticles

Purified with Disinfectant Fluid Enhanced hygienic benefits with special purification process –

Softest & Thinnest Weft with New Technology Delicately woven weft allows no shedding,

yet is amazingly sturdy -Stric QA Control in a State-Of-The-Art Facility Each processing stage is fully controlled & inspected by certified technicians Care Instruction


1. Gently detangle hair by running fingers through. 2. Using mild shampoo, wash hair in lukewarm water.

3. Squeeze out excess water and pat dry on towel. 4. Let air dry in shade or use low-heat dryer.