Cold Fusion Hair Extension

Cold fusion hair extension is another technique, and is intended to be tender for the hair. This technique utilizes a keratin-based polymer to join augmentations to the root. As this technique utilizes no warmth, it is useful for fine or thin hair. The polymer offers more adaptability than craft glue, and results in more common feeling hair. For cool combination hair expansions, numerous beauticians utilize SoCap augmentations and a reasonable bond. These augmentations can last up to six months.

Cold fusion hair extension utilizes ultrasound waves that are changed into mechanical vitality. The vibration brought about by the ultrasound vitality is coordinated just to the zone where the 100% keratin tip of the augmentation meets the customer’s regular hair. This vibration takes shape the bond, framing a solid, undetectable and dependable hold. This happens without utilizing any warmth, which can make harm the hair or a weaker and more unmistakable bond.

To add length and volume to hair utilizing non-surgicalskin joining Cold fusion hair extension System is a progressive approach . These expansions don’t made cross connections, are quicker to put on and they are all the more tastefully satisfying.

Cold fusion hair extension can be connected rapidly, seem as though they are developing straightforwardly from the scalpm and fall like regular hair. Since the cold fusions hair extension is grafted straight from the cuticle, the hair is without tangle, and more impervious to harm. The augmentations last around six months, and can be effectively expelled by dissolving the bond utilizing a solvent.

Cold Fusion Removal

Removing Cold fusion hair extensions can easily be removed by dissolving the bond using depolymerizing lotion.

Cold Fusion Hair Extension Cost, Prices

The price of Cold fusion hair extension aren’t cheap. They can run from $250 to $1,500. However, they do last from about four months to six months.