I-Tip Human Hair Extensions

I-Tip Human Hair Extensions to Add Texture and Style to Your Hair

I-Tip Human Hair Extensions are also known as: shoelace tip, Flash Point and cold fusion.

These extensions are applied by using a pulling tool, either a hook or loop, which pulls the client’s hair through a very small micro ring.

The I-tip Human Hair Extensions is then inserted into the micro ring which is then compressed with special pliers – This compression holds the extension in place.

There are several different types of micro rings available:

Copper Micro Tubes – These are longer and thinner than the aluminum version.

The length helps the hold and the thinness makes them easier to hide but they can be the hardest to remove because the thin copper doesn’t reopen as easily when squeezed in the opposite direction.
Silicone-Aluminum micro rings – These micro rings are lined with silicone which helps to cushion and help grip the hair and extension.

These are probably the best rings for fine hair. They are a little more expensive than any other micro rings.

I-tip extensions are very popular for people who don’t want heat applied to their hair.

A client’s hair needs to be average/thick in texture for I tips to hold properly.
Equipment cost is low for I-tips all that is needed is a pulling loop or hook, I-Tip Pliers.

I-tip hair extensions are excellent options for women who prefer not to have heat applied to their hair.

With I-tip human hair extensions, a pulling tool is used to hook or loop hair through a micro ring with the hair extensions and then compressed with pliers to hold the extension in place.

There are a variety of micro rings to choose from depending on the kind of hair you have.

Get the luxurious hairstyle you want by utilizing our I-tip human hair extension.

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